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Overlooking the lovely Santa Cruz River Valley and the dramatic Santa Rita Mountains, Green Valley, Arizona stands as one of the most beautiful retirement communities in the country. Located 30 miles south of Tucson, and situated at 2,900 feet above sea level, Green Valley enjoys cooler temperatures than Phoenix or Tucson, and is still bathed in sunshine over 300 days a year. Perfect weather abounds for almost any outdoor activity, from golf—and there is lots of golf in Green Valley—to bird-watching, cycling, hiking, or just strolling along at a leisurely pace. Daytime temperatures average 80 degrees—on an annual basis—and nighttime temperatures average around 50 degrees making Green Valley a place to enjoy the out-of-doors all year long.

Although Green Valley is a retirement community and most properties are in age-restricted areas, that is, at least one occupant must be 55 years of age, your grandchildren are welcome to visit, but no one under 18 years of age may occupy a property for more than 30 days.

Visitors to Green Valley are usually amazed by the abundance of recreational opportunities available to them. From the offerings of Green Valley Recreation (if your rental property is affiliated with GVR, a temporary guest membership may be obtained for a nominal fee)—a non-profit institution operating 12 recreation centers throughout Green Valley—to the many fascinating area historic sites, small towns, museums, galleries, and great places to shop, Green Valley has it all. But if simple relaxation is what you are looking for, nothing beats watching the palm trees sway in the breeze or the Santa Rita Mountains change color in the late afternoon sun. (Please refer to our Recreational Activities page for more information on the great variety of activities available to Green Valley visitors.)

At Long Realty - GREEN VALLEY RENTALS - we are ready to help you plan your Green Valley experience. We have accommodations in all styles and price ranges located throughout the area. If you’re planning a permanent move to Green Valley and are looking for a long-term rental, we are pleased to help you with those arrangements too. Although we are not in the real estate sales business, if you are looking to purchase property in the area, we will be happy to direct you to a top-notch salesperson. We are a full-service, professional property management company with a desire to assist you in finding the perfect rental. Please look through our web pages and let us know how we may serve you.

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